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Email POP3 & SMTP Settings Help

Outlook Express

Macintosh Authenticated SMTP
Netscape Authenticated SMTP
Outlook Express

To begin the setup process double click the "Outlook Express" (if it is on your desktop), or select it from the "Start Menu" under "Programs".

  • Select TOOLS from the menu bar and choose ACCOUNTS  in Outlook Express.

  • Choose the MAIL tab from the top of this new window then click on PROPERTIES.  (Figure 1)   NEXT >

( Figure 1 )


(Figure 1)

  • From this window, click on the SERVERS tab.  NEXT >

  • At the bottom of this screen where it says "Outgoing Mail Server" check the box that says "My server requires authentication."  (Figure 2).  NEXT >

(Figure 2)

You do NOT need to click on the settings button as it is already set correctly by default, but if you do, is should look like this (Figure 3)  NEXT >

(Figure 3)

Microsoft Outlook COMING SOON
Macintosh Authenticated SMTP
Go to tools, accounts, click on the account listed, then at the top click edit.
Another box should pop up that says EDIT ACCOUNT at the top. this is the page with your server information.  In the middle of the page you will see where your Account
ID is listed. Your Account ID is your email address.

At the bottom you should see an area that says: SMTP

Immediately below that you will see a button that reads:
click here for advanced sending options
Click this button, and another box should pop up.
You should see three options.  Place a check in the one that reads:
SMTP server requires authentication
You also want to make sure there is a dot in the option that says:
use same settings as incoming mail server
Close out of the third box.
Click ok on the second box.
Then close out of the first box. 

You should be back to your email program, and your authentication requirements have been met.
Netscape Authenticated SMTP
  • Open Netscape Messenger and select EDIT and choose PREFERENCES from the menu bar.

  • Select the + besides Mail and Newsgroups under Categories which should create a drop down menu below it, and choose Mail Servers.    NEXT >

  • Over to the right choose Edit, and make sure that the mail server is set to, the server type is set to POP3, and your account name is entered correctly.   "User Name" is your email address.  If you have "Remember Password" checked, it will not prompt you for it every time you send and receive an email.   Click on OK.     NEXT >

  • Now that you are back on the PREFERENCES page, make sure that the outgoing mail servers are also set to and your outgoing mail server user name is also entered correctly.  "Outgoing mail server username" is your email address (Figure 4).  Click OK. 

    If all these settings are set up correctly, the first time you send mail it will prompt you for your password only once.  If it keeps asking you for your password, double check the above directions and remember that passwords are case Sensitive (your caps lock might be on).